IMF Page

The following information is being provided to introduce student, faculty, and staff to the


International Ministerial Fellowship Partnership (IMF)

Tidewater Bible College has signed a partnership agreement with IMF to provide membership, rostering (credentialing), and support services to graduates of Tidewater Bible College who are heading into ministry.  IMF personnel are extremely excited about this alliance with TBC.  What follows is a generic discussion of the partnership.  Soon we expect to have available hard copy information on the various functions IMF provides.


IMF will provide membership to your graduates at the licensed level (which allows them to perform all sacerdotal services and qualifies them for housing allowances as a minister) based on the recommendation of the Tidewater faculty.  Should the graduate be a seasoned minister with an established ministry, IMF would offer ordination (again based on Tidewater’s recommendation).  Tidewater would agree to refer to IMF any of their associates who may desire IMF services for consideration and membership in IMF.


More information will follow, so stay tuned into this web site or ask any of the faculty or staff members.  Clicking on the IMF link about will take you to their website if you desire to do some investigation.