Academic Dean's Message

In 1 Samuel 29-30, David in his pretense of loyalty to the Philistine King Achish rallies his men to go up with them in battle against Israel.  Though this may have appeared to be a smooth political move, it was not ordained by God and as a result it left their home base, Ziglag, vulnerable to the Amalakites.  In essence, it was merely a distraction for they were not even allowed to fight.  When David and his men returned home they discovered that it had been ravaged, and burned and all of their families and possessions had been taken by the Amalakites, he "encouraged himself in the Lord."  He remembered the faithfulness of God and remembered that victory is achieved in dependence upon God.  He sought direction from God and discerned His voice.  God in turn gave him a directive and a promise.  At the word of the Lord, David then pursued the Amalakites and recovered all that was taken just as God had promised.
It is our privilege here at Tidewater Bible College to train men and women in the word of God so that they clearly discern the voice of God.  Once they have received direction from God, they can lead the Church from distraction to the fulfillment of Divine destiny and purpose.  The Marines have a slogan, "We are the proud.  We are the Marines".  We are here to marshal the army of God who will say, "We are dependent upon the Most High God.  We are His army."

 Come with us as we equip leaders to know their God, discern His voice and lead the Church in fulfilling His purposes in the earth.



About Prof. Jones


Shermaine Jones received her Bachelors from Philadelphia College of Bible and her Masters of Religious Education degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois.  In the past thirty-six years, she has taught the Word of God to various age groups from children to Older Adults.  She has designed and led Christian living seminars, Bible studies, and teacher training seminars.  She has established two Sunday Schools and helped reestablish a women's ministry in a local church. She currently ministers to women one on one and is a conference speaker.  She has also begun to write a Bible study article for an on-line Christian women's magazine.   It is in her heart to equip believers through the word of God to live a victorious Christian life and pursue their God-given destiny.
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