Center for Christian Training

MISSION: Through Bible-based training  and pastoral counseling geared to individuals, families, couples, leaders, and organizations, CCT purposes to uplift, encourage and assist people in receiving emotional healing and becoming spiritually mature.  

CCT MINISTRY VISION: To witness  people becoming empowered and well equipped in their relationships, with God, family, self and others making positive changes in their lives; Christ like in their lifestyle and godly change agents in their communities.     

Center for Christian Training was established in 2004 to help improve and enhance people's lives emotionally and spiritually, teaching practical application of biblical principles. After residing in and providing 10 years of Spirit-led ministry in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, the ministry recently relocated to Virginia continuing to pastorally care for people locally, nationally and internationally.   
The focus of CCT is pastoral care which is provided through affordable counseling ministry and training via a variety of classes, workshops or seminars. CCT's goal to advance the Kingdom of God by equipping and empowering people is accomplished in partnership with other ministers, ministries and organizations.