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Wisdom and Poetry
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Course Description
This course is an exegetical and theological study of the Wisdom and poetry as found in the Hebrew canon and its significance for believers today.  It will not be possible to exegete every passage in these books, but this course will provide an overview of each book and endeavor to present the passages of significance from each book studied. This course is designed to whet the appetite of the student for Old Testament studies, not satisfy it.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, participants will:
To be able to articulate the purpose, and themes of Biblical wisdom and poetry.
To familiarize students with the theological, cultural, and historical aspects of the plotline of wisdom and poetry in the Hebrew canon. 
To acquaint students with some of the important aspects of interpretation of Biblical wisdom and poetry.
To be able to communicate the "Big Picture” of wisdom and poetry as it pertains to the whole of Scripture.
To defend the significance of Biblical wisdom and poetry for the contemporary believer.

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