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January 14, 2009By Don McNeeley

As TBC began investigating what a "dynamic integration of Christian spirituality with the classroom experience” meant, it quickly became clear that an understanding of what Christian spirituality and formation meant would be necessary.  Habitually, Christian spiritually has meant going to church, worshipping in some manner, and leading a pure life, etc.  Or to state it in another manner, Christian spirituality is a collection of "practices that grow out of the theological understandings of those whose chosen path to God is by way of discipleship to Jesus Christ.”  Averbeck, however, states in his article A Biblical Theology for Spiritual Formation that spiritual formation "focuses our attention on the dynamics of how the Holy Spirit works in us, among us, and through us.  Spiritual formation is, first, dynamic in its emphasis on the divine power and means of formation, and second, deep in its focus on the inner workings of the human person.”  Thus, one sees that Christian spirituality and formation deals with the workings of the Holy Spirit within the human person.  In other words, Christian spirituality and formation is the understanding of the processes associated with the working of the Holy Spirit within frail human spirits, participating in those processes, and the stimulation of those processes, resulting in the manifesting of experiences similar to that revealed in the early church.  The CCSF will be investigating how to integrate this understanding into the classroom experience. The Church and Biblical Research Group is also researching spiritual formation.  Information onthis group can be obtained by clicking on the following link  If you desire to learn more, call Dr. McNeeley at 343-5458 or email at 

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