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Gary Byers' Christmas Article
We all know the Christmas story…or do we? I (Gary) would like to suggest a slightly different view on the subject, based on a careful reading of the Biblical text and insights from archaeology. I (Gary) admit(s) it makes some people mad, but most folks not only appreciate the new understanding, but have an even greater appreciation for what happened that night in Bethlehem. So go ahead and read the story for yourself and you can decide - Away in a Manger, but Not in a Barn.

Tactic's Review
TACTICS by Gregory Koukl provides a meaningfull and useful manual that describes tactical capabilities that will assist the Christian apologists with defending the faith.

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Continuing Ed. Seminars

In 2104, TBC will initiate a series of continuing education seminars that will enrich your ability to peach and teach.  Starting with a seminar on Biblical Archaeology, Dr. McNeeley will lead you through some exciting examples demonstrating how your sermons and classes can incorporate a better understanding of the land of Israel.  This will be followed up with a session on the Dead Sea Scrolls when Dr. McNeeley will demonstrate how God was not quite so silent as many think, but was at work preparing the way for His Son Jesus.

Dr. McNeeley has been to Israel five times and is on the staff of the Khirbet el-Maqatir dig in Israel digging ruins where we believe Joshua conquered the biblical city of Ai.

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